Functional Slipware Pots [well stocked]

open mon-sat 10-5

pop out to Hartland

oven dishes


the pot rack is looking healthy

Happy Christmas everyone

Tree of life Jugs 5 [the biggest]

There was a medieval Tree of Life

This tree influenced Bernard's interpretation

I liked the idea of spreading the tree around the whole jug

the group shot with flash

I forgot to mention the glaze buckets underneath!

Jon Collum suggested the idea of 3 sizes of Tree of Life Jugs and I responded to his challenge . An outside nudge  is a great incentive  so thank you Jon. I’ve enjoyed putting the idea into ‘life’.

Christmas Cake Making

Michael Leach mixing bowl made 1954 Penzance Art School

This was when my dad helped at the Leach Pottery in St Ives

Job done

A Creole recipe the fruit is soaked in a load of booze for a week. the smell around the house has been especially during the baking- about 4 hrs.