Some Individual Pots for the Exhibition

jug influenced by the Omar Kahyam

Please try and come along to the exhibition which is being held at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester from September 4th-25th


Jug standing 15" high persian blue glaze

one of Frannie's slab bottle vases about 6"h.

Frannie's boxes with an embossed lid

Who is the potter pray and who the pot?

sgraffitto fish plate about 15"

who's for tea?

There are over a hundred pots and the fine prints of Merlyn Chesterman’s wood cuts. Its an exhibition not to be missed.

small octagonal plate of Frannie's in the new black glaze


Selecting the pots, we are setting up the exhibition this friday September 3rd


Very exciting, P.V. Saturday 4th

Pots influenced quite a bit my my time living in Iran and Frannie has a new black glaze

finally packed up

A very special meal !! Japanese Chef, Mr Tadamichi Ota cooking, using Springfield pots at Claridges


Using bowls and plates made by Philip & Frannie

oishi desu!!

there were 10 special guests. We sent a variety of different sized bowls sushi dishes and 10 individual tea- bowls. The Japanese chef decided which food looked best in each dish

the chefs at work

Iron Chef, Mr Tadamichi Ota

Kayo Onari approached us to ask us if we were willing to supplypottery for this special meal. Kayo-san domo arigatou.