HARTLAND GARDEN SHOW 2010 Frannie’s big success

Hartland Garden Show is a major annual event with a great array of amazing entries and on the day of judging as wellas the Hartland Town Band there is also a serious sporting competition for ages 5 - 65 yrs.

Cup Winners


Carefully grown and presented with care

These are parsnips

Its a little different to our veg box

But look at this. Frannie has 1st prize for her ' Winter Scene' judge's comment'Good use of perspective- the path takes the eye right into the picture.

Class 2 Scotch Eggs - First Prize Frannie again!! Fantastic Judge's comment 'Even & neat, cooked well- egg slightly underdone tho' yummy! S/meat only just cooked - watch this. added note also tasted delicious too P.

 The weather was fine, the Show a great succes and well done Frannie.


Hallo there, yer’s a nice dish


detail 1


detail 2


close-up on rim

This dish is destined for an exhibition in the Corineum Museum, Cirencester which will open in early September. My blogging has been a little rusty, our computer crashed- that sounds dramatic doesn’t it actually it gave out a pathetic ticking sort of fart and stopped.