All work & some play

me & flo on the shore near Crowe Point, Braunton Burrows

Frannie takes brilliant pics. we had a lovely walk on sunday afternoon on the burrows the light was rather beautiful.

Seems to be the season for commemorative commisions which is very welcome because trade is fairly slack. Cold black coffee is a useful way to plan the design on the white slip.

25 year old Laser gas kiln been brilliant

A few orders and some pots for the Camelford Exhibition April 1st – 14 May. I start the kiln about 10 pm on a low flame and by 7 am its up to about 550C then we chug up to 1075-80 by about 2 pm. The alakaline frit seems to be better with a gentle rise.

I’m going to blog about tea bowls, Unomis or chaiwans I think. The western mug has never had their status but in a way we tend to have a favourite mug.

Lichen and bicycles

fantastic lichen at Gurnard's Head

Frannie and I paid a visit to the Hamada Exhibition at the Leach Pottery in St Ives and then went for a great pub lunch and a short walk on the Cliffs.- Yes we had a day out!!

Frannie & new bike and Flo- 16 yrs old today

And for those who just want to see the bike and the gears..

this is a bike

this is a derail yurr gears

CPA Newsletter ‘Tales on Tiles’


Tiles made by Bideford Scouts

Just like to say there is a very good article on the Tales on Tiles project with excellent pictures in this March/April edition of CPA News. This is a brilliant no nonsense publication by the CPA edited by Kathy Niblett and is well worth a read.


 there seems to have been a lapse in time…

I’ve recently been to give a talk at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London . The title of the talk was


 Part of the talk focused on his philosophy which he thought was intrinsic to the Artist Potter at the start of Arts and Craft movement in the 1920’s. The language for this philosophy was borne out of his close association with the Japanese Soetsu Yanagi [philosopher and collector] and Shoji Hamada  [master potter] which he had assimilated during his first long stay in Japan 1909-20.

It was interesting for me to find the ethos of the Prince’s School had arrived via a very different route to a very similar philosphy. I very much enjoyed my visit there and was impressed with the high level of work researching the patterns found in the tiled faiences found in the Middle East for example.

Bernard Leach self portrait etching 1914

  Bernard at about 27 years old, with a young family[ David and Michael], very uncertain about becoming a potter , about to move to Peking. A  portrait full of frustration, perhaps a little hint of Van Gogh, with his wild hair!