Just a great afternoon for a walk

hazel catkins


snowdrops in Blagdon valley


Flo taking it in


beautiful light looking north to Hartland Point

I was going to stay in and start a woodblock print but....


Appledore Crafts Company

Today is a sad day because we are leaving the Appledore Crafts Company. The ACC  with its 16 full time members efficiently run the ACC gallery in Bude street Appledore. Each member mans the gallery on a carefully organised rota. The reason we are leaving is time, we already have  a full time shop within our pottery and the extra commitment is tending to overstretch us. Part of the efficiency revolves around the monthly meeting in the convivial atmosphere of the Joiners Arms, Bideford.

We will miss the ACC as they are good company and produce some fine work . If you would like to know a little more about them check out their excellent website.


Finished Tile Panel

The panel

The four individual tiles

No matter how many times a potter opens his kiln if the results are good its a real lift. The tiles have come through very well, the stencils have worked  and their sharpness works in contrast to the combed and trailed lines. I’m very pleased with the glaze quality.The excellent photographs were taken by Frannie.