Throwing today

Rough sketch looking for a full form excentuated by a small foot







We are having an exhibition in the Corinium Museum, Cirencester in September this year. This came about by a chance connection, the assistant curator was a student of mine in the British School Teheran in 1973-4.

I’m thinking of some pieces glazed in what I call the Persian blue. This glaze is made with an alkaline frit and coloured with copper.

The domes of Iranian mosques have wonderfully full forms.

The domes are clad with an amazing faience of tiles


I am looking for a form to echo the dome and to carry the Persian Blue glaze

4 thoughts on “Throwing today

  1. Hi Phillip,
    I am a friend of Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew. Welcome to blogger-world. I have enjoyed seeing you on Doug’s site now and again, esp. during the Bideford firings. I’ll be checking in often. Cheers, Ron in North Carolina, USA.

  2. Philip,
    I dream about those blue mosques from Isfahan. Having seen them at such a young age I think they are actually printed on my retina. I’m really looking forward to seeing your interpretation on the vase….
    Regards, Charlotte

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