Harvest Jugs

Thank you for the warm response!! I’m encouraged

Reg Lloyd jug for Tales on Tiles

There has been a strong tradition of adding drawings and writings to large jugs in North Devon. Quite often these jugs were requests but I’ve seen pieces particularly in the Reg Lloyd collection when the potter has witnessed an event like a shipwreck and recorded this on the jug. Present among today’s potters/artists such as Grayson Perry is using the ceramic form to carry social comment.  I think some of the old North Devon harvest jugs are quite fantastic . Locally Harry Juniper the Bideford potter has perpetuated the tradition for the last 40 years.

I’m drawn to this kind of work too and produce a Harvest Jug when I feel inspired. The Tales on Tiles project  was to celebrate the collection of Reg Lloyd 

[R J Lloyd a gifted and established painter and illustrator, with his shrewd eye and collector’s instinct has amassed many fine examples of North Devon Slipware, richly decorated in Sgraffito some combing and trailing and then glazed in  lead  and a touch of iron to give the warm honey finish.]

I used a tile pattern worded’ TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF THE REG LLOYD COLLECTION’ around the jug with a drawing of a tile press on the front and dated and signed on the back. I was lucky enough to be able to glaze it in galena which reacted well to the woodfiring in the Bideford Kiln 

The other side of the jug


One thought on “Harvest Jugs

  1. Hi guys

    This is a helluva jug and will be a grand piece of history.

    I know I took forever to choose on Wednesday, but my WC mug looks very unique and British on the dresser. Lovely work.

    Twas a joy to visit you again.

    Long may you potter.

    Kindest regards


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